Estate & Planned Giving at RIC

RIC’s Planned Giving Program provides services to individuals and families ready to invest in the future of RIC.

Planned gifts allow donors to control and utilize their accumulated assets during their lifetimes, assuring them that they can maintain their lifestyles through their retirement years and also provide for their loved ones.

There are also several ways to make a planned gift to RIC that provide increased income and important tax savings, especially income and capital gains tax benefits.

Your estate gift to RIC will provide you with a true legacy of ongoing giving and will help insure that our Vision to Advance Human Ability™ is fully realized for generations to come.


Gift Plans

Bequests: Donors may designate a percentage of their estate to RIC or a specific dollar amount after other beneficiaries and expenses have been paid. Making a bequest to RIC is easy to accomplish and allows the donor to control the assets designated for RIC during her/his lifetime.

Outright GiftsDonors can make an outright gift with securities or property, including real estate, which may have appreciated in value since purchase. This allows the donor to avoid capital gains tax.

Insurance PoliciesA gift of a life insurance policy, naming RIC as owner and beneficiary, allows the donor to make a substantial gift for a modest expense. The donor receives an income tax deduction for an amount equal to the cash value of the policy or its cost basis, whichever is less. Any outstanding premiums are also tax deductible if paid through RIC. Insurance can also be used to provide for loved ones in the estate when another asset is designated as a gift to RIC.

Life Income PlansRIC will assist donors and their advisors in establishing gift plans that permit gifts of assets to be designated to RIC . Such gift plans provide the following benefits:

  • Income tax deductions proportional to life expectancies of the income recipients;
  • Reduced or eliminated capital gain taxes on appreciated assets designated for an RIC gift plan;
  • Income for the lifetimes of the income beneficiaries or the period of time designated by the donor;
  • Reduced exposure to estate taxes, both federal and state.

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