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Desmond Campbell Marathon RIC Fundraiser

My name is Desmond Campbell and I am an immigrant from Ardara, Co. Donegal (Ireland) having moved to Chicago in 1964. I work seven days a week as I have two different jobs, but that does not deter from staying in shape. Besides the health aspect of it, I have a very specific reason for making time in my schedule to work out and remain fit. In fact, it is due to my life passions that I stay fit: to run marathons, and to raise money for charitable causes. For the past four years, I have combined these two passions for one greater cause- running marathon races to raise money for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s (RIC) Junior Sports Program. This year’s Chicago marathon on October 11, 2015 will mark my sixteenth run, and my fifth year with RIC. It is my goal to provide each child-athlete that participates through RIC’s Junior Sports Program the joy and sense of accomplishment that participating in sports provides. In order to do this, I have increased my fundraising goal this year will bring my total funds raised over these five years to $100,000. Your donations will take us one step closer to bringing youth with debilitating injuries back into the game! Watch Desmond's story on ABC7's Windy City Live!

RIC's Junior Competitive Sports Program

RIC Junior Sports Program

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Junior Competitive Sports Program is an outstanding resource for children with disabilities. It provides young athletes with an array of opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on due to lack of resources. Some of the sports offered include, but are not limited to, wheelchair basketball, track and field, softball, cycling, and archery. The program is composed of weekly practices, tournaments both in and out of the city, and social events with children from other organizations. RIC not only teaches children how to play sports but also provides a safe social environment for them to meet friends, gain experiences, and mature into young adults. Please visit the RIC Junior Competitive Sports Program page for more information.

Running in the Chicago marathon is more than just an athletic outlet for me. It is an experience that leaves me with a sense of joy and the feeling of helping others; one who is able to impact the community around me in a positive manner through my life passions of running and fundraising. Being able to take part in the same marathon as the hand cyclists from RIC makes me appreciate all that the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago does for its athletes. I think the marathons are a great way for all athletes to connect with their passion and it is even more visible when able-bodied athletes and athletes with disabilities are participating together.


I would like to thank each and every one of you who have donated in the past and those of you who will donate this year. I appreciate your generosity and want to remind you that no dollar amount is too small and each donation is tax deductible. Every donation helps me move one step forward and keeps the RIC junior athletes active! Don't forget to ask your place of business about matching your donation, please!

Desmond Campbell




Did you see Desmond on Windy City Live? Check out the clip here.

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